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Ashtar by Spearhafoc Ashtar by Spearhafoc
An important figure in the channeling/UFOlogy community, and supposedly the leader of Ashtar Command. I went with the general consensus of what this guy looks like. There are numerous paintings of Ashtar online in a similar pose and with similar clothing. 

From my notes:

"Ashtar / Ashtar Sheran / Aruseak

First brought to the public's attention by George W. Van Tassel in 1952 when he received the telepathic message: “Portla, 712th projection, 16th wave, realms of Schare” (pronounced Share-ee). Portla pro-nounced, 'Approaching your solar system is a ventla (spaceship) with our chief aboard, commander of the station Schare in charge of the first four sectors....We are waiting here at 72,000 miles above you to welcome our chief, who will be entering this solar system for the first time.'

His mission: 'We have come to fulfill the destiny of this planet, which is to experience a short period of ‘cleansing’ and then to usher in a NEW GOLDEN AGE OF LI G H T. We are here to liftoff the surface,... during this period of cleansing, those souls who are walking in the Light on the Earth.... The souls of Light are you people of Earth who have lived according to universal truths and have put the concerns of others before your own.... The short period of cleans-ing the planet is IMMINENT - EVEN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR!'

Descriptions: Ashtar lives on the Etheric Realm, but he has occassionally been sighted in the flesh.

'Though to nearly all who experienced him, Ashtar existed only as a disembodied voice, avery few claimed to have seen him. One woman, Adele Darrah, even alleged that shesaw him before she had ever heard of an Ashtar. One night in the early 1960s, after shehad gone to bed, Darrah found herself suddenly awake and in her downstairs livingroom, where a striking-looking stranger stoodin front of the fireplace. He was tall, slim, and erect and was wearing a uniform with a high collar. 'His eyebrows were slim and delicate, the nose was thin, the mouth was ratherstraight, the lips thin,” she reported. “His eyes were brilliant and penetrating, almond-shaped with a slight oriental appearance.' When she introduced herself, he smiled and indicated that he already knew her name. Then he squared his shoulders and announced, 'I am Ashtar.' Everything that followed faded from her memory, and only a few years later, Darrah claimed, would she learn that others knew such an entity. Typically, however, contactees and chan-nelers report seeing Ashtar in psychic percep-tion or in out-of-body journeys to his star-ship. Perhaps not surprisingly, descriptions vary, some calling him dark, others fair, some estimating his height at less than six feet, others at more than seven.'

Associates such as his superior Sananda (Jesus), Korton, Soltec, Athena, Monka, and others.
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