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First Born by Spearhafoc First Born by Spearhafoc
The First Born, or Black Martians, from the Barsoom novels.

"the curved sword of a black"

"They were large men, possibly six feet and over in height. Their features were clear cut and handsome in the extreme; their eyes were well set and large, though a slight narrowness lent them a crafty appearance; the iris, as well as I could determine by moonlight, was of extreme blackness, while the eyeball itself was quite white and clear. The physical structure of their bodies seemed identical with those of the therns, the red men, and my own. Only in the colour of their skin did they differ materially from us; that is of the appearance of polished ebony, and odd as it may seem for a Southerner to say it, adds to rather than detracts from their marvellous beauty."

"Without exception the blacks were handsome men, and well built. The officers were conspicuous through the wondrous magnificence of their resplendent trappings. Many harnesses were so encrusted with gold, platinum, silver and precious stones as to entirely hide the leather beneath.

The harness of the commanding officer was a solid mass of diamonds. Against the ebony background of his skin they blazed out with a peculiarly accentuated effulgence. The whole scene was enchanting. The handsome men; the barbaric splendour of the accoutrements; the polished skeel wood of the deck; the gloriously grained sorapus of the cabins, inlaid with priceless jewels and precious metals in intricate and beautiful design; the burnished gold of hand rails; the shining metal of the guns."
Motion-Music Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013
There is are two traits they have... that everyone always forgets... Black iris' and narrow eyes...

you remembered.... you remembered :')

I am in your debt... you sir, deserve every bit of praise you have ever gotten for your illustrations, and then some!

And the crescent-moon insignia is awesome, especially considering their mythological (but not fully explained) connection to the moons.
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