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Dlukus by Spearhafoc Dlukus by Spearhafoc
Mercury Cultures: Dlukus from The Immortals of Mercury (1932) by Clark Ashton Smith.

"for the shy, animal-like natives had shown no hostility and had fled from the earth-men whenever approached. "

"They were gnarled and dwarfish creatures, who walked partially erect at most times; but ran upon all fours when frightened. The earth-men had named them the Dlukus, because of the clucking sounds resembling this word which they often made. Their skins were heavily scaled, like those of reptiles; and their small, protruding eyes appeared to be covered at all times with a sort of thin film. Anything ghastlier or more repulsive than these beings could hardly have been found on the inner planets. "

"He saw that they were carrying rough pieces of some blackish mineral, and had surmised, from the way in which their webbed hands were held toward him, that they were bringing him a gift or peace-offering."
Motion-Music Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
it seems to me that stories about mercury had a much more... mystical tone to them, not outright magic but almost like.... I dont know how to describe it...

Mars always seemed to ahve tihs air of being a struggling world in old fiction, venus flourished, and mercury seems to be a world of Qausi mysticism or... I dont want to say witchy... I almost want to say like, old european ish like in an old horror movie.

I ahve no idea...
Spearhafoc Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014   General Artist
Any suggestions for public domain stories set on Mercury? I've only come across a few so far. 
Motion-Music Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
none that I can think of, from what I can tell they are veeeeeeeeeeery rare...
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